How to Find My Perfect Match?

My Prefect Match Kids holding handsA common question we all ask ourselves is: “what are the characteristics of my dream partner – my perfect match?” Chances are you’ve dated enough people to have learned what you don’t like in a potential life partner, but have you ever seriously considered what your perfect match would be like; what type of personality do they have, and what values do they hold? The benefits of finding your perfect match are endless, but the most obvious benefit is a life of happiness and companionship.

Values in My Perfect Match

To decide what values your potential perfect match would hold, you need to consider your own values and desires. Consider whether you’re looking for a more outgoing person, or perhaps you want a calmer partner. Would they need to hold a certain religious belief? If you’re not entirely sure what you look for in a perfect match, there are resources online such as quizzes to help you discover your ideal match’s character traits. Typically, these internet quizzes will compile your answers to various simple questions such as “what do you like to do to relax?” then use your input to determine the specific personality traits your perfect match would have.Yin Yang as a Perfect Match

Once you have come up with some ideas of what your perfect match would be like, you now need a way to find someone who fits the shoe, so to speak. Fortunately, this can be simple to do with online dating websites that take your criteria of a perfect match and compare it with their members to find an ideal match for you.

Which dating service helped me find my perfect match?

A great website that offers such matchmaking services is It’s what worked for me. As their name suggests, you can use them to quickly find potential perfect matches by creating a profile on their site then allowing your profile to be compared to thousands of other profiles. Once a list is created, you can easily contact your potential matches to learn more about them.

What’s so different about this service over others?

That’s a great question.  When I was in the dating scene, I would sign-up for just about any dating service (and I signed up for many) available in hopes of finding my perfect match. What I realized was that all sites aren’t created equal. We all know that, duh, but what we don’t know how these dating services are different. So, I did a thorough comparison of these sites, and settled on I’ll share my comparison of many sites in tabular form (crazy, right?) in another post, but for now, know that it worked for me. I can only share what worked for me. The other sites will show you testimonials after testimonials; so does this one. At the end of the day, what produces some results is what you talk about and recommend to others. Feel free to try others as well, if you haven’t already. To learn more about online dating service go to, or see the one that helped me find my perfect match.

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Gemini Perfect Match!

Are you a Gemini looking for your perfect match? Finding a Gemini perfect match can be difficult at times and wouldn’t be easy for anyone, but that’s the reason it’s called a perfect match, right? The match will be worth it as it truly is perfect.

Being a Gemini, you’re probably looking for your perfect match, as many others are. Well let’s go over some characteristics of the Gemini zodiac sign to educate you on the traits we’ll be looking for that answer your needs and you can satisfy with what you give in return. Gemini’s love exciting things, and especially when it comes to love, they enjoy having a variety of it. Gemini’s can be possessive, but also feel like they should be pampered and treated like that all the time. Very picky when it comes to finding a Gemini perfect match, and yet it is one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs, gemini perfect matchCan Gemini and Gemini be a Perfect Match?

A Gemini and Gemini perfect match is an amazing way to get into a relationship. You will always have fun and never end up not having an adventure. Being the same zodiac sign makes for a great relationship as you know what you want, although the downside to being in a Gemini – Gemini relationship is the likeness of both you may create boring nights as you will feel as if you’re dating yourself sometimes.

Is Libra a Gemini Perfect Match?

A Libra can also make a Gemini perfect match considering how outgoing they both are, and they love to meet others. Geminis and Libras both love freedom in life and will never get bored since they love to explore their individuality. Since they both have this need for individuality, they will support each other in such endeavors.

So, Who is a True Gemini Perfect Match?

Gemini and Aquarius make the true “Gemini perfect match” because they will never get bored of each other with little differences between them, and the level of intellectuality that the two share. It also means there will always be something new for them to do no matter what. Gemini’s love of originality is overshadowed by Aquarius’s unpredictability causing new excitement, nonstop throughout the relationship.

To learn more about zodiac sign matches, see Wikipedia on astrological signs, and to learn more about your relationship life, get a free astrology reading, or try this special promotion.

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